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Hannah Tracey

Artist Statement
Hannah Tracey – Artist Statement I make art because it is a way for me to express my emotions. It is difficult for me to express myself due to mental illness and dyslexia. I never seem to get my words out in a way that makes sense or as quickly as I feel they should. Creating art is a way for me to communicate my thoughts in a different way. I tend to address and use art to process big topics that I consider important including mental health, body dysmorphia, and social justice issues. All of my art comes from my imagination and is inspired by the world around me and what is happening in the world. I use my art as a way to start conversations about topics that are controversial, emotional, relevant, and timely. I work predominantly in film and digital photography, metalsmithing jewelry, and mixed media. I tend to physically manipulate photographs that I have taken by sewing on them, collaging, painting, and drawing in order to convey my message. I specifically enjoy working with portraiture as I get to capture and work with the many emotions and expressions that the human face can portray. My hope in making art is to encourage the viewer to think and question society or reality. I want to make them feel something when they look at my art and I want it to have a lasting impact on them. I hope to encourage important discussions that may be uncomfortable but are needed. I make art to express myself, process the world around me, create dialogue and hopefully, spark change.

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