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Gardening Series


-Spring Garden Prep Workshop

In this class we will discuss several strategies for breaking into the soil in preparation for the growing season. We will go over tools and techniques that allow us to kickoff our vegetable growing early, taking full advantage of the spring growing season, with a focus on reducing the workload and effort required to do so. Finally we will discuss strategies and principles for a successful growing season, leaving participants with a solid plan to carry them through their year in the garden.

-Dirt Farming 101: Building Healthy and Productive Soil for the Home Gardener

In this class we will cover several strategies for developing healthy garden soils. We will discuss the primary factors that contribute to soil health and productivity, as well as the connections between soil health and plant health, while we tease out strategies for improving our garden soils using a variety of materials and methods. Finally, we will cover theĀ basics of home composting, with the goal of producing a high quality finished compost for use in the garden.

-Growing More With Less, Maximizing Food Production in the Home Vegetable Garden

In this class we will discuss strategies for making the most of the space we have while minimizing the amount of time it takes to bring our crops to harvest. We will cover topics such as weed management, soil health, crop spacing, crop timing, season extension and winter gardening, as well as common problems and pitfalls that can make our gardens less productive and more labor intensive than they need to be. The strategies discussed in this class aim to benefit gardeners with small spaces that would like to produce more of their own food, as well as gardeners with larger spaces that are seeking ways to reduce the workload of a larger space.