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April Exhibit - Outermost Land: Musings on Cape Cod
Paintings and Photographs by Heather Pilchard
Work by Heather PilchardArtist reception Thursday, April 6th  4:30-6:30 p.m.
Exhibit  April 4th - April 29th

Outermost Land is an exhibit of paintings and photographs of Cape Cod.  Heather lives in Wellfleet and graduated in 1995 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a BFA.  Heather has been painting since 1984 and has exhibited nationally. She is representedby 2 galleries:

Harmon Gallery in Wellfleet http://harmongallery.com/  
13 Forest Gallery in Arlington, MA http://13forest.com/

Her process starts with reference photographs taken on daily walks through the marshes, dunes, and woods of the Outer Cape. Heather uses her photographs as “sketches” in the studio, as reminders of specificmoments in time. For example, one photograph may be of a lush green Wellfleet Audubon marsh at the height of summer, and another of that same marsh covered in snow. The Cape Cod landscape is one of shifting sand and tides, and different hours in the day alter it continually. The only constant is change on this piece of land surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  

Heather’s paintings are colorful and executed in a bold impressionistic style. Their soft meditative quality contrasts the sharpness of her photographs, also exhibited here. Coast Guard Beach, the Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary, Nickerson State Park, and Great Island in Wellfleet are some of her favorite places to paint. The artist sums it up, “I like to think of my work as a place where observations of the natural world and inner vision meet.”

Exhibit and Gallery Calendar
  Red Display Gallery Left Red Display Gallery Right Gregory S. Turner Meeting Room VIS Library Special Displays
January         Reclaimed Book Art, Nauset School Students
February Eastham Painters Guild
March The Key Idea  
April Heather Pilchard    
May Henry Moore Darlene Moore  
June After Hopper in Eastham  
July John Tunney:
Showers of Eastham (Red Gallery)
Large landscapes (Turner Room)
June Havens. Botanicals  
August Michael Marrinan Paula Aschettino
You Too Can Paint
September Sue Pellowe for the Weaving Network  
October Jim Owens
Eastham Lore
Rob McQueeney Photos for Henry Beston's "OutermostHouse"  
November Jordan Renzi
March Madness



  Red Display Gallery  Gregory S. Turner Meeting Room VIS Library Special Displays
February Studio Art Quilt Association Cape Cod Chapter
May Outer Cape White Line Printmakers    



Recylced Books Take on New Life as Art at Eastham Library from Lower Cape TV on Vimeo.