• As part of its mission to provide a wide range of information and materials, and to encourage and support the civic, intellectual, and cultural pursuits of the community, the Eastham Public Library welcomes community groups and individuals to use the library’s various display, gallery and exhibit spaces. Space is provided for displays of an educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable or recreational nature, and for exhibiting works of area artists and craftspeople.
  • The Library is now accepting applications for the use of exhibit space.
  • Exhibit Policy and Application
  • Exhibit Procedures (Includes descriptions of the gallery spaces for planning and layout purposes)
  • Call to Artists

    Art Committee
  • Willow Shire, Artistic Coordinator
  • Norma Marcellino, Chair & Trustee Representative
  • Debra DeJonker-Berry, Library Director
  • Meg Schmitt
  • Elaine Lobay
  • Dale Wade 
  • June Havens 

Exhibit and Gallery Calendar

  Red Display Gallery Left Red Display Gallery Right Gregory S. Turner Meeting Room   VIS Library Special Displays
January           Reclaimed Book Art, Nauset School Students
February Eastham Painters Guild
March The Key Idea  
April Heather Pilchard      
May Henry Moore Darlene Moore  
June After Hopper in Eastham  
July John Tunney:
Showers of Eastham and 
Large landscapes 
 Wet paintings from Hydrangea Festival, beginning July 11 from 3:30-5:30 with a lemonade social   June Havens. Botanicals  
August Michael Marrinan Paula Aschettino
You Too Can Paint
Robert Marcus, Bronze Sculptures
September Sue Pellowe for the Weaving Network  
October Jim Owens
Eastham Lore
  Rob McQueeney Photos for Henry Beston's "OutermostHouse"  
November Jordan Renzi
"Perspectives on Terror: What we Don't See"
December Chapel in the Pines Building Fund - Silent Auction
Preview the art Nov. 25 - Dec. 1
Library Reception:  December 2nd   3-5
Silent Auction: December 2nd -  December 16th.
Live Auction : December 16th:  6 PM at the Library following the 4:30 PM Wine Reception at the Chapel.  
Silent auction winners announced:
Dec 16th at  6 PM at the Library

Information about the Restoration Project



  Red Display Gallery  Gregory S. Turner Meeting Room VIS Library Special Displays
January Peter Kalill: “Scenes of Cape Cod”
Reception: January 4th 5:00-6:30 PM
February Rebecca Gmucs - "Outside/Inside"  Reception Feb. 1st Reclaimed Book Art &
"Love your Library" Letters
March The Cape Cod Fiber Pod - Quiltations
Reception March 8th 5:00-6:30 PM
April Eastwind Gallery
Reception April 5th
May Outer Cape White Line Printmakers
Reception May 3rd
Agnes Collis "Inspired by the Sea:  Reception May 3rd
June Painted Ladies of Bourne: Watercolors and Acrylics 
Reception June 7th
Outermost Inspirations,
June 30th
2 - 4 PM
July Schulenburg Studios-Artist's Choice
Reception July 5th
August Printmakers of Cape Cod
Reception August 2nd
September "Rhapsody in Red" - Cape Cod Cranberry Assoc, Reception September 6th  
October Joan Rogers 
Whiteline Prints
Reception Oct 4th
Robin Wessman
Cape Treasures
Reception October 4th

November Janet Hymowitz
Abstract Landscape, Water, Sky Earth
To be confirmed



  Red Display Gallery  Gregory S. Turner Meeting Room VIS Library Special Displays
February   Reclaimed Book Art
September Sept. 4-30
In Thoreau's View
Sat. Sept. 7th, 8 AM-Noon Watch Plein Air; 2-4 PM Reception of "wet" paintings